Olivia Podobea February 2023 - OliviaPodobea

In the many trainings and coaching sessions I conduct, I meet a lot of managers who are so absorbed in the work they are doing and because of their experience are so convinced that they know step by step the work they are doing. However, the moment a problem arises, everything...

Before the 2022 Christmas I held several days of recruitment training for all the store managers of a very well-known multinational company, which is one of the clients I really like for its real concern for employee development. It was a perfect opportunity for me to take a chance to twist the knife one more time....

If you've worked with me, you already know I always say that: We don't learn from experience(s), we learn from the moments when we stop and reflect on what we have experienced. That's why I'm going to produce a series of articles and thus contribute to achieving your plans. I propose to challenge you and twist the knife in the wound of...

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