SOLVE PERFORM Protected Unit

We find solutions for our customers and implement them

The company I run is called SOLVE PERFORM.

The name chosen when the company was founded in 2007, describes its essence - we find solutions for our clients and implement them.

From 2021 we have become a PROTECTED UNIT again, so we can offer our services with ZERO budget to companies with more than 50 employees.


Our solutions come in the following directions:

  • Executive coaching - which aims to develop each manager towards achieving professional goals and developing leadership skills. It is aimed at managers and leaders.
  • Life Coaching - which addresses personal issues that act as barriers to achieving personal goals and need to be acknowledged and overcome. It is aimed at anyone who wants to improve themselves and live life with ease.
  • Team coaching
  • Assessment of leadership skills
  • Assessment of the person's compatibility with the post or to which it wishes to gain access
  • Design and delivery of soft skills training programmes based on analysis of company needs and objectives
  • Design and delivery of teambuilding programmes for team diagnosis purposes
  • Recruitment and selection of staff


Recruitment services for people with disabilities

As a person with a disability, you have many career development options, so you can choose to work from home or jobs close to home.
A job will give you the income you need to support yourself, but also the satisfaction of being able to go beyond your limits.

Solve Perform Team

Our team is made up of people with disabilities who are involved in the administrative and training side of the above service delivery, and the actual delivery is provided by Olivia Podobea and trainers and coaches hired on the project according to the experience required for the project.


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How does YOUR COMPANY makes cost savings using the disability fund?

Law 448/2006 with the 2020 amendments states that any company with more than 50 employees either:
- has 4% of all employees with disabilities
- if they don't hire disabled staff, they can:
a) contribute monthly to the state budget with a fund calculated as the number of disabled people X an gross average salary on the economy
b) pays half of the fund calculated above to the state budget each month and while half can be used to purchase goods or services from protected units.

From 2021 we became PROTECTED UNIT again!
So we can offer our services with ZERO budget to companies with more than 50 employees

Your company pays this monthly fund to the state without getting anything in return?

I invite you to stop the waste!

Use the disability fund for your employees and colleagues and for increased performance!

Find out how you can benefit from The Disability Fund

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