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Catalin Pozdarie
Administrator/ General Manager Hervis Sports&Fashion Romania

I recommend Ms. Olivia Podobea for her very good training, the professionalism and promptness with which she carries out her projects and for the truly pro-client attitude she shows in every situation.

Dan Apolzan
Director of the Federal School of Coaching

I recommend Olivia Cristina Podobea for the enthusiasm and dedication with which she prepares and delivers her trainings, for the high degree of interactivity she brings to the sessions and the positive impact she has on the participants.

OTTER Romania

...a real show of strength during the recruitment training organised by our company. We had a great time and laid the foundation for a long lasting relationship!

Iuliana Miu

Olivia Podobea has become one of the collaborators of S.C. CONSTRUCȚII ERBASU S.A. and this confirms the respect of the fundamental values in which the two companies trust: integrity, impartiality, professionalism, confidentiality, seriousness, fairness, promptness and team spirit. We started with a valuable training in which I personally participated - "Recruitment a choice between eligibility and compatibility" whose trainer was Mrs Olivia PODOBEA. Even though I have more than 10 years of experience in recruitment, I learned and discovered new things that I was able to put into practice in my work. The organization of the training, the way of teaching, the evaluation, Olivia's professional training are at very high standards, the qualification I offer is "Exceptional". This first step made us dare to continue the collaboration with a recruitment project. Despite the difficulty in recruiting for special positions, Mrs PODOBEA proved to be a partner you can rely on and trust, and she solved this project very quickly. Thank you, Olivia.

Alexandru Dinu
Managing Partner at The Markers Consult

Congratulations Olivia on the coaching program for the management team of the company I lead. It helped me to see the best position I can assign to everyone and more importantly the best role everyone can play in the team. Also, each of them has been able to become aware of some of the flaws they have, but more importantly to know how to bring out and develop their qualities, their strengths. Thank you.

Luminița Rafailă

I attended the training "When 1+1= 3?" and I can say that : - I appreciate the fact that I was given concrete examples through which I understood very well the information presented; - I had the opportunity to do many practical exercises through which I used some of those communication techniques presented. I think this is great because practicing something on the spot, in a safe and pleasant environment, guided by the trainer, you learn best how to put the technique into practice when you are on your own and it's maybe a bit more difficult; - I liked the fact that I was not presented with things I had read in a book, but techniques that the trainer had experienced in his own relationships and that worked; - I liked the fact that the trainer asked for feedback at the end, it makes me believe that he wants to provide the best quality information tailored to everyone's needs.
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